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Print Mix

I have always been nervous about mixing prints.  What if I get it wrong and look silly.  It occurred to me that this button up would go perfectly with this floral skirt.  Let’s face it this skirt has a lot of personality so it’s important to pair it with something that won’t compete.  I felt nice and professional all day.  Which is something I am trying to do more of, look professional at work.  When it’s bitter cold outside it’s hard to look nice cause all I want to wear is warm and cozy clothing.

I’m so excited for Spring to get here and stay!  I feel like my husband and I do more in the Spring.  Not to mention I get more creative and daring with my style.  Lately I have been refining my style and getting away from more trendy pieces and going for classic styles.  Which means I am spending more money on clothing because the pieces I am getting will last a long time.  One item I really want is a nice Spring weight jacket with hood.  We have chilly mornings that get warm and tend to get the odd rain shower.  I am sure it will take while to find the right jacket but when I do I know it will last me 5+ years.  Any suggestions you have would be great.  My mom says I need to look at LL Bean.

My necklace and bracelet were gifts from my sister.
Speaking of her.  She is home from the hospital.  It’s a huge adjustment around their house.  Not sure how long she will be there as they are applying to get her into a Spinal Rehab Facility that’s fully accredited.  Please continue to keep she and her family in your prayers!
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