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Off a Little

I am seriously loving the Off The Shoulder trend!  This top is from Target.  I thought if I was going to try something I would start inexpensive.  This top is so easy to wear and I can see getting so much use out of it this summer.  Needless to say I will totally be getting a few more!  Even been eyeing some off the shoulder dress’ from Nordstrom.  At first I had trouble keeping it off my shoulders then I realized small movements make this possible.  LOL what we women do for fashion.  One thing I love most about this top is the back is a little longer.  I prefer for my butt to be covered.  

 These flip flops are last season but have held up so well and are so cute I will be getting a few more pair this season.  No to mention they aren’t that expensive considering they are Kate Spade.  I totally wear these to work in the summer with a cute top or dress.
 photography by Nieto Photography

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