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I can honestly say I never understood what people meant when they said “I am Blessed”.  Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I have struggled most of my life.  High School was the worst, so much so that I worked hard so my Senior year would consist of one required class to graduate.  College wasn’t much better, insert crazy boyfriend. Then when my life felt like it was coming together my father passed away.  I met my husband the following year which was a blessing.  Being he and I only had HS Diploma’s we struggled to make ends meat.  Yes most of my Adult life I have struggle financially.  Anyhow, my point is after 7 years of hard work.  2 jobs most of the time and college I have not only graduated but gotten a very well paying job.  At the same time God blessed us with a new better job for my husband!  It’s like at 36 and 43 he and I have finally arrived where most people get in their 20’s.  I took a few days off in between jobs and had this photo shoot.  I collaborated with Brosway Jewelry to let me wear their piece’s during the shoot.  After the shoot I just felt a calm I had never experienced before.  I felt Blessed!   Blessed that this Amazing Jewelry company would work with me, Blessed that both my husband and I would never feel the stress of being poor again, and Blessed that I can officially call myself a College Graduate!

Being this is a Life and STYLE blog let’s switch gears and talk about this outfit!
I snagged this dress at Target.  I needed an easy dress that would work for the Office or Fun.  Not to mention wasn’t super short!  I love the look and feel of this dress, plus it has Pockets!  Here’s what I don’t get if Women are so excited about pockets in Dress’ and Skirt’s, why don’t the designer’s put them in everything?  Wouldn’t that just make since?
The Jewelry set I am wearing is “Ribbon“.  OMG!  No really OMG!  This set is so amazing!  It’s classic.  Will go with EVERYTHING.  Not to mention the ring and bracelet are more like a cuff so they will adjust.  Meaning that I will be wearing the set I got a lot and on different fingers.
I also, want to touch on their new watch collection! DeJa-Vu  I told the rep I was just going to keep one watch.  They are so chic and comfortable.  I am a watch wearer and have been wanting a new watch that isn’t as bulky as my MK watch (which I do love).  Being the watches are 2 toned it looks like a watch with a bracelet.  Again SO Chic!
Photography by Nieto

I splurged on these MK flats and I tell you I have been living in them.  So comfortable and the neutral color goes with everything!

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