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Resort Style

Dress c/o Jarrett Bay / Wedges (similar) / Bag (similar)
Jewelry – shop local Details, Violets, and Halie’s
As I mentioned yesterday I feel Blessed.  This dress was gifted to me by Jarrett Bay.  It’s the perfect summer sun dress, plus it has Pockets (insert wink face emoji).  The straps are adjustable which is perfect.  It has side slits on both sides.  Let me stop here……I have a hard time finding maxi’s with side slits on Both sides.  I mean how hard is it to put in a second slit?  Most in the stores have one slit, which to me is a why bother.  It’s along the lines of why don’t more women’s clothing have pockets.  Anyhow, I am loving this print.  It makes this maxi a little less casual to me.  I totally see wearing it with a belt and blazer to the office.

Photography by Nieto

I want to point out that Brosway’s rings are stackable and are so fun to play with.  Here I am wearing a gorgeous blue that matches the dress with a crystal to give it more bling.  You will also notice the watch.  They have so many colors in this watch!
We went with a more simple style necklace for this outfit and I love it!  This style is called “Enchant”.  It’s the perfect style for any women.