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Off to Work

TopBlazer / Skirt / Pumps / Bag (similar)
Jewelry – shop local Details, Violets, and Halie’s
Let’s address the Elephant on the blog….Yes I have grey hair.  It’s actually not grey but white.  I have my Grandmother’s hair and love it.  I have natural highlights.  The white is only on the crown of my head.  I have talked to several hair stylists and they all not only love it but refuse to color it or suggest I even do so.  I remember when it started to come in my mom noticed and got a little jealous that I got the gene.
I don’t know if you have heard of or ever shopped at Stein Mart.  It is hands down one of my favorite stores!  They are kind of like a TJ Maxx or Ross but it’s the Best Kept Secret kind of store.  The racks are organized and I don’t feel overwhelmed when I go in there.  Plus the pricing is amazing!  Take this skirt, I paid $29 for it!  The quality is high and it’s very comfortable.  I also picked up a rain coat for only $21!  Seriously you should check out the store.
I wanted to get a few classic pieces for my work wardrobe.  Between the TopShop blouse, this skirt, and these pumps I know I am ready for Corporate world!  Not to mention this adorable collection from Brosway called Riflessi.  The pearl and stones used are so chich and classic.  Defiantly a staple in any girls work wardrobe. 

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