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Dress / Shirt / Shoes / Brosway – Sold at Halie’s Boutique (they take phone orders) 
It is so hard to find a cute T Shirt dress that is long enough for my 5’9″ leggy body.  So when I do I am over the moon!!  I picked up this dress at Target recently with a cartwheel 10% off (high five emoji).  There are so many ways I can and plan to wear it.  One is adding this casual jacket.  It’s cute tied around my waist and perfect for a BBQ.  Or I can wear the jacket to the office with this dress.  However, I would probably wear flats.  I tend to wear flats to work since I do so much walking around downtown Durham.  Plus heels make my legs seem longer and working in an office with all men I try not to draw attention to my long legs.

 These picture’s were taken by a new photographer.  I was so excited to work with her!  Sharon is an amazing women in general.  She is an entrepreneur; owning a niche clothing company for sororities.  I met her through her business partner, who is a blogger as well.
Hands down this was the best weekend.  Usually Father’s day is hard for me.  It’s been 14 years since my father passed.  I was his little girl, so it’s always been hard for me.  Anyhow, I decided on Saturday to visit my mom and her husband, Bob.  I did pick him up a gift and some amazing doughnuts.  It was a “non-father father’s day gift” to show our appreciation to him for taking care of my mom.  Yup leave it to me to complicate the heck out of something.  The story behind the gift……I went into a store in downtown Durham called “Chet Miller” (they have the cutest gifts) and saw a whole section of the store for men.  On a table were different books, one was a book of jokes.  Now Bob loves to tell jokes, but he isn’t always good at getting new material.  Needless to say we have heard the fish joke about 20 times too many.  So when I saw the book I thought this would be perfect for Bob!!  It always feels nice when you aren’t looking for something and you find the coolest item for another person.  I always get joy from this.  On Saturday I picked up 6 doughnuts from Rise (O! M! G!)  and headed to my mom’s.  We had fun sampling all the doughnuts and listening to new jokes.
Later that day I went to this amazing boutique, Halie’s, for a photoshoot.  I love trying clothes and new items.  The store owner, Corrie, and Manager Kaitlyn, were so nice!  When we would walk to different spots to shoot they came along and talked and were so fun to be around.  I felt like I had an entourage.  This week and next I will be posting pic’s with their clothing.  Anything you like just call the store and they can ship it to you.  Their clothing is TTS.
 Sunday the hubby and I went back to the lake.  He did some fishing with a buddy and I read a book on my doughnut float!  It was such a nice day, but boy am I glad I wore sunblock!  I did get a little tan, but could have easily gotten burned.  I am currently reading “Girl on a Train”, which I mentioned on Friday’s post.  At first I was like WTF does this get interesting?  Well it does!  I am loving it and having a hard time putting it down to go to bed.

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

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