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Beautiful Mess

When I saw this tee in Halie’s Boutique I knew it would be a favorite!  There aren’t many printed tee’s that really call to me but this one is perfect.  “Beautiful Mess”, I mean how right is this statement for any women!  There are so many day’s I am just a mess but it doesn’t make me any less beautiful.

This weekend was relatively uneventful.  It was nice to ‘putter’ around.  Grocery shopping, meet a friend for lunch, cleaning, and the ever growing laundry.  Sadly we have been battling fleas, which blows my mind since everyone is on K-9 Advantage II!  For the first time ever it failed after 2 1/2 weeks.  So I went to the vet and got more meds along with capstar pills.  Both dogs are less chewy and itchy which is nice.  I always feel so bad for them when they get itchy.
photography by Sharon Bui
What did you do this weekend?
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