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I wanted to give a little life update.
Many of you are aware I started a new job recently.  Add to that I graduated from Durham Tech with my Accounting degree.  Oh and I stopped working my part time job.  To say there is an adjustment to my life is an understatement.  My weekends are mine for the first time in 7 years!  It’s so odd to adjust to relaxing and not having to do something all the time.  I am totally enjoying it!

This past weekend my husband and I took some of our paycheck’s and went shopping.  It was fun to blow a little money and not worry about bills.  Being a smart wife I suggested we go to the places he had on his list first.  First stop was the Tailor for his new work clothes.  Then off to Sal’s Surplus store (aka military surplus).  Sal is such a nice man!  The wall I am standing by is at his shop and was painted by a Vet.  We browsed and checked out the eclectic items he has.  I always keep an eye out!  About a year ago we got a 1950’s bar stool (red leather and all) from there.  Then off to the thrift store where my husband was looking for a belt but found a guitar.  Which of course meant we had to stop at the guitar shop for new strings!
Next up were my stores.  We stopped by Monkees (which is where I got this dress).  They had a 20% off sale and I was hoping to find another dress like this.  Sadly I didn’t see anything I loved.  So off to PetsMart we went.  The puppies needed a new bed!  Last stop was Target, of course.  My husband has fun picking out clothing items for me.  He would love if I dressed country chic, lol.
Our wonderful Saturday ended with dinner at my Mom’s house with family.  Oh and Bravo (as in standing ovation) to my husband who snapped these picture’s for me!!  I may make a photographer out of him yet.
I would love to know what you do on the weekends!  I am looking to have fun this summer before apply to college (yup I am continuing on, my CPA won’t earn it self).
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