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Haley – Halie

Hat and Wedges last year
Here is my first outfit with my collaboration with Halie’s Boutique.  I received this dress a few weeks ago.  Where it is soft and comfortable to wear, it is not appropriate by itself (see through).  I had been to Halie’s Boutique and saw this shirt.  I knew I had to have it!  First it’s pink!  Second it’s longer in the back!  Third it has the tucked look.  So naturally when I was getting things together for this shoot I knew exactly what I wanted to pair together for my first look!  So cute and perfect for a day at the beach, or a concert, or any casual outing.  When the owner started gathering jewelry to pair with it I was so excited to see she pulled a key necklace.  I have been wanting one but wasn’t sure which to purchase.  So being able to wear a few of the styles and lengths helped!  
You can call and order anything you see and they will ship it.

They carry the Crokcicle mugs and do monogramming!  I love the bright pink of my mug and how it keeps things either hot or cold for long period’s of time. 
I love that Halie’s Boutique carries Scout bags!  This one is so fun for summer with the light blue star fish!  Not to mention it will hold so many things!  Perfect for my recent lake trips with a big blanket and towels.
Do you know when something is meant to be?  My Grandmother’s maiden name was Haley.  Many of the great-grandchildren have been given Haley as a first or middle name to carry it on.  So Haley is a part of who I am.  When working with Brosway Jewelry I asked for information on the local boutiques that carried the jewelry.  My contact told me about Halie’s Boutique in Cary.  So I reached out and asked to meet with the owner and store manager.  Needless to say the meeting went well.  I was so nervous because I had never pitched to a boutique before like this.  When Corrie told me the story of how she came to open a boutique and what type’s of items she wanted to carry I was blown away.  Halie’s Boutique is not a typical Southern Boutique, which is probably why I love it so much!  She carries brands like Scout, Corkcicle, BroswayJourney Key, and Spartina to name a few.
Here are a few words from the owner, Corrie “The store came out of a trip to Hawaii. My husband and I were shopping in and out of cute boutiques and realized that’s what we should open. There was a need for cute boutiques in NC.  We try to buy a lot of items that are US made or give back. Both are important to us.  Halie’s tend to be a bit more edgy and not southern. The aim is to be unique and pull products from CA and NY that most don’t bring in. We are a neighborhood store – it is important for us to get to know our customers and their needs.”
photography by Sharon Bui
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