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Weekend Adventures

This weekend was our 12 year wedding anniversary.  A few weeks ago my husband told me about a place you could rent Kayak’s and Canoe’s that’s close to our house.  So we stopped and checked it out.  It was reasonable in price and the Haw River was just amazing.  So we decided to go Kayaking for our anniversary.  We rented a tandem Kayak, packed a lunch, and headed out on an adventure. 

The most important part of this excursion was reserving the Kayak!  It was easy to make the request online and the guy sent me a PayPal for the amount.  Simple!  We showed up Sunday morning just before 10, signed in, and helped carry our Kayak to the river.  The guy went over safety and how to paddle, which was needed because neither of us had Kayaked before, and off we went.
It was a learning experience.  We basically zig zagged up river not able to steer without stopping.  It was funny and helped my hubby and I communicate and work together to get the boat in the right direction.  I defiantly would say if you haven’t had to rely on someone to help achieve a goal this is not for you.  We did get frustrated at first, then just relaxed and tried to work together.  A good exercise even after 12 years of marriage!

We came across this “island” of rocks in the middle of the river and decided to stop for lunch.  Paddling is hard work and we were starving.  When you see big rocks in the river I can guarantee there are small rocks under the water you can’t see.  It was hard to maneuver through without getting stuck on the rocks, but we managed.  We ate our lunch and talked.  It was just so peaceful and amazing.  Being in nature just gives you a reality check sometimes.
Here is B exploring (above)
Us in the boat (below).  B had to hold my wine cup so I could get the pic, lol.
What fun things do you do with your husband or significant other?
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