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Weekend Review

In addition to my usual outfit I will share my experience at CycleBar.
Maxi (Green sold out – other colors available) / Scarf  – Splurge v Steal/ Hat / Purse / Sandals / Sunglass’ ($12!!!)

On Saturday I had a chance to try a CycleBar class for free.  This is usually the only way to get me to workout…. lol  Anyhow, it was interesting.  First I am very out of shape.  I maintain my current weight through 1 mile walks and healthy eating.  Not really a big fan of sweating.  So I get to the location and check in.  They fit me with shoes and show me to the locker area, which is seriously cool because it has a combo lock installed.  I am the worst when it comes to bringing a lock with me.
The staff help get my bike set up and the instructor explains how things work.  Then the very loud awesome music starts.  The instructor is pumped and kept us pumped the whole class.  She gave instructions on what power to put your bike (being this was my first class I don’t recall the technical terms).  We rode “up” hills, higher setting.  We did 30 second sprints, which I loved.  We did “getting in the zone” where the lights are turned way down and the music is just pulsing through your body and you get into your own pace and zone intended to push yourself.  All in all it was fun.  My ars hurts today, thank goodness the staff gave me extra padding for my seat or I may not be sitting today. 
photography by Sharon Bui
I think I would totally do a cycle class again.  Oh I almost forgot near the end we use a 4lb Bar.  Hense CycleBAR.  It gave a whole body workout and not just your legs.  I have to say I probably need to take a few class’ before I feel comfortable with the movements.  I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 13 and my mom so kindly reminded me I hated ridding bikes when I was a kid. 
I love knotting this dress in the front and not on the side.  I felt it gave it more shape.  Also adding the scarf helped with shape as well.  I find maxi dress’ can be shapeless when they are large.  OH You will want to Size Down if you order a dress from Grey Monroe.  I am wearing a Medium and could have gone with a small easily.
What did you do this weekend?  Have you taken a Cycle class before?
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