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#NSale Work Tunic (+Birthday Week Surprise)

#NSale I take my time with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I want pieces that are me and not just trendy.  I also want transition pieces.  Like this Tunic!  I can wear it now to work and later with a duster cardi!  I paired it here with black leggings and have also wore it with jeans and white pants.  It’s very versatile and a staple in my closet!  I will say I was surprised it is a sweater.  I thought it would be a different fabric but love that it’s a sweater.  Heck at $44 it’s a steal also.
photography by Sharon Bui
My blog has been amazing lately!  I have some very cool things coming soon!
Brosway is releasing a new line which I will feature here first.  Also, I will be holding a giveaway in August where you can win my watch along with a few other Brosway pieces!  Stay tuned.

I want to welcome you to my Birthday Week!  My B-Day is this Saturday.
All week I will be doing fun things!
Today’s fun…… 
Leave a comment with your blog URL (or email if you don’t have a blog
telling me a birthday memory
One lucky lady will receive a pair of Brosway Earrings!
Make sure to come back each day this week!  Gifts for my lovely readers all week.
Here is my Birthday Memory:
My mom, bless her heart, had issues with my Birthday being on the 6th.  She just couldn’t remember it.  Many birthday’s were celebrated on the 8th because she swore it was my birthday, lol.  See my Brother and Sister were born on the 21st.  I was due on the 21st, but decided to “cook” a little longer.  My father’s birthday was the 8th and I think that is where she got my second birthday from.  Of course being little it never bothered me, but as I got older I made sure to remind her it was the 6th or I would go 2 days before hearing “Happy Birthday”.  I laugh about it now, and my loving husband makes sure to call my mom and remind her.  One real good thing to come from this is everyone in the family calls everyone else when it’s someone’s birthday.  Did you call so and so?  It’s their birthday today!  lol.

Have a Happy Monday Doll’s!
Brosway has provided these earrings for the giveaway today!
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