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Office Wear

I wanted to share what I wore to work and why this outfit is perfect and simple.
Tee shirt and skirt.  So easy.  Add some layering necklaces and a cute pair of booties.
This skirt is so simple and stylish.  I purchased it at Stein Mart a few months ago and have loved wearing it to work.  Either with a tee or silky tank.

Tee / Skirt / Booties / Necklace 1 & 2
This outfit is so versatile.  For example I wore this to work and was able to throw on some jeans when I got home and run to a meeting.  I love layering my necklaces for a pop of chic to my tee.
This week will be interesting to say the least.  We have had some cray shit going on at work and this week will be the determining factor in how bad it really is.  I have been getting migraine’s more and more with the cray cray happening.  Will be so glad when the clam down and certain people come back to earth.  But I’ve said too much.  So in light of the non-information I have given please keep me in your prayers for both sanity and health.
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