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Red Pom Poms

I posted this outfit last week on my Savannah recap.  I wanted to share better picture’s with you.

These are older items.  The tank from J Crew, shorts on clearance from Target.
This is a perfect example of shopping your closet and pairing new pieces together for a cute outfit.
Yesterday I started The Whole 30.  It will be an adjustment so I took a few days to adjust my mindset and prepare for 30 days of no grains, dairy or alcohol.  Only protein, veggies, and fruit. There are many nights when a cheese plate and glass of wine are my dinner.  I will have to find something else.
I have been preparing by pre-cooking breakfast meats and seeing how long it takes to cook an egg in the morning.  I have to admit this weekend I ate 3 meals.  No snacks!  I felt content all day with the food I consumed.  I tried to eat more salads and veggies.  I think I can do this. Just figuring out a new way to make my breakfast wrap without the flour tortilla. 
I decided to try the whole 30 as it says it will heal your intestines.  I have issues with mine and digesting foods.  The Teami Colon and Skinny teas have helped but they get expensive.  I have been drinking a Yogi digestion tea and it helps but not like the teami teas.  So the Whole 30 made since.  Plus it should help with bloat from processed foods, which I try very hard not to eat.  Along with exercise I am hoping to shed these few pounds I can’t seem to get rid of.

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