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Be Pure Beauty

Last week I attended a blogger event at Be Pure Beauty in Durham.
What an event!  April, the owner, was so sweet and amazing.  She put together a scavenger hunt for us where we learned about the nasty toxins that are in most makeup.  Then she took us through a “Night” eye makeup tutorial.  I am so excited to share with you some of her professional tips!

Be Pure Beauty only carries natural makeup products.  They are free of Chemicals that cause Cancer, and other health problems.  When I heard this I thought Oh my what have I been putting on my face?  It’s crazy how we tend to trust a manufacturer to be honest about what they use in their products.

I sampled some of the blush’s on my hand and they have more pigmentation than most top brand eye shadows!  I was shocked, needless to say.  I sampled the highlighter and blush as well.  Let’s just say my favorite highlighter was almost identical to the one Be Pure Beauty carried!  Plus it won’t harm my skin or screw up my health!

I was so excited to see Em with the Flourish Market was in attendance with some of her amazing goodies!  You will see the tank (that I may or may not be living in) on the blog next week.  I love shopping fair trade ethical clothing and accessories and Em’s shop is the go to place for all those items!  I learned at the event that she will be opening a Brick and Mortar store very soon!  I love her Fashion Truck but to be able to go into a larger place to shop will be so fun!  Plus think of all the events we will have!

These are some of the new amazing ladies that I met.
(L to R) Traci, Laura, Me, Emily, Allie
 Here is April doing a demonstration on Laura.
Now to the Tips!  “Evening Eye”
1.  Use Concealer as Eye Primer! Yup the same concealer you use under your eye.
2.  Use a light color as a base and press (don’t brush) it into the concealer.
3. Apply next a dark color in the crease, do so in a V shape down the outer eye lid
4. Apply Eye Liner.  You can use dark eye shadow instead, simply dampen the brush and brush on.  Start in the middle of your eye, then go back to do the inner.
5. Using an Angle Brush with darker eye shadow go back over the eye liner.  Make sure you first tap the brush to knock off an excess shadow.  Then Press into the liner, don’t brush
6. Go back in with a brush and dark color to blend from the eye liner.
You can use a makeup remover pad to catch excess shadow when applying.  Simply hold under your lower lashes.
I hope you were able to learn something like I did!  Check out more at Be Pure Beauty
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