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Fall Ready

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I love a good transitional tee and this is it!  It’s soft, long, and has a ‘cold shoulder’.  The color pairs so easy with fall items like my scarf and booties.  I mentioned on Monday’s post how Rosegal has some amazing pieces that are affordable.  So those trendy items that you don’t want to ‘invest’ in can be yours.  I am all about having a classic wardrobe with investment pieces, but love adding trendy pieces that won’t break the bank.  It’s a good balance.

Photography by Sharon Bui

I am so excited to be starting school again.  I didn’t want to take a break because it makes it so much hard to start again.  I will be attending Liberty University online Finance program.  Thankfully all my Accounting courses transferred from my Associates Degree so I will be able to graduate in 2018!  Then it’s on to my CPA!  Since I am in the Finance program I will be able to add on the Financial piece to my CPA and also become a Licenses Financial Advisor.  This will open so many doors for me!
I started my 10 year plan when I was 30 and starting back to college.  7 years later and I can finally see the end.  The goal is to earn enough money to support the lifestyle I want along with assisting my mother with care.  I don’t know if I have spoken about my mother much on here.  Almost 16 years ago my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  She has been very fortunate and it has not progressed to the point where she needs medical assistance full time.  Her husband is able to help her with the things she can’t do on her own now.  However, she will need assistance in the future so getting my degree and certifications is of high importance because a private NA can be costly.  I am just happy I will be in a position to help her.
It’s funny as I blog I think to myself “How are Accountants suppose to look?” LOL I know it’s a strange question but I often wonder if my fashion sense makes me appear to be in another profession. Of course I don’t dress like this for work (well some of the time).  I try to wear dress’ and stuff but frankly working for a Real Estate Developer wearing Jeans just makes since.  We don’t have clients or people coming in our office much, and if we do they are never there to see me.  Plus I like to be ready to go to a site if necessary.  So I guess I kinda do dress like this for work.  I wouldn’t wear this top to work with the large cold shoulder, but a dressier blouse. 
How do you dress for your job and do you feel it depicts what you do for a living?
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