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But First Coffee

Years ago when I went through fertility testing I had to stop drinking caffeine.  Which meant no more coffee.  I have slowly started drinking it again but I am super picky.  I like my coffee a certain temp before drinking it.  Of course that means I have to drink it fast or it will cool off too much and I won’t enjoy it.  So most of the time I drink about half a cup and then throw the rest out.  With Corkcicle my coffee stays that perfect temp!  I also love that when I am done with my coffee I can rinse out the cup and fill it with water and there isn’t a coffee flavor left behind.  I got my first Corkcicle from Halie’s boutique and used it so much I wanted to get a second, so I upgraded to this big cup.  I def will be giving corkcicle’s to family and friends this Christmas!
I have been dying to shoot at the NC Art Museum.  There are so many fun area’s and I can shoot at one locations several outfits without having the same background.  Sharon has the best eye to capture me and my outfit!  Speaking of my outfit, this is my first wrap top and I love it.  I use to stay away from the style because of small breasts but this one lays perfectly!  This peach color isn’t available anymore but they do have some adorable fall colors now.
My second mini semester started, which means I am taking 4 class’ for the next 3 weeks.  Luckily I have a rhythm down with the first 2 and know what is expected.  So adding the 2 new class’ won’t be a problem.  Now to find a good work/life balance.
photography by Sharon Bui
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