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I love a monochromatic outfit!  This one is perfect for any outing.

Ok ladies & gents I have a massive update.  I took last week off to spend time with my brother (B) and sister-in-law (E).  First I have to say having a staycation was the best thing for me.  I was able to relax and feel like me again.  Sadly when I went back to work I realized how miserable I really am.

StayCation – A Vacation at your Home!
B&E arrived Friday night.  Saturday morning I drove over to my mom’s to see them before my very busy day.  Saturday was also my BFF’s baby Tea shower.  We visited and headed out to run errands together.  Sunday was a big pig roast and items needed to be purchased.  Since the baby shower went till 7 I didn’t see them again Saturday.  Sunday was the big pig roast.  I was excited to get there early and help set up.  When I arrived everything was set up so I was able to just relax and enjoy the family time.  Many guests arrived throughout the day to visit and eat.  It was such a great time!  Both of my mom’s sister’s came along with my favorite cousin.  Catching up with family is always nice.

Monday started the fun family time!  I headed over for lunch and hang out.
Tuesday – E, Mom, and I went to Hillsborough to explore before we all went to see The Accontant.  Wow what a great movie IMO.
Wednesday – Girls day!  E and I explored Durham and Carrboro while B relaxed.  Mom had boxing so she was busy.  When E and I got back we visited some more before I had to head out.  Sadly this was my last day with them.

Since I knew E and B would want to sleep and rest I took the opportunity to rest myself and actually found I was sleeping past 7!  This is a huge feat for me.

Thanks for reading my blow by blow staycation.  Happy Monday!

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