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That Casual Dress

I love the simplicity of this dress!  It’s so comfortable.  The length is perfect for work and can be dressed up with a blazer or down like I did with a jean jacket.
Wow what a crazy weekend with Hurricane Matthew!
Luckily it hit on Saturday and I was sick.  So I stayed in my PJ’s and bed cuddling with my two cats.  Yup both cats were finally getting along (i.e. the kitten didn’t attack our older girl and let her sleep).  Sucky part about being sick is my husband was climbing the walls bored.  He actually called some guy friends to see what they were doing. lol
Luckily I got some energy to cook or we might not have eaten.  My poor husband is a terrible cook.  He adds way too much salt.

Even though I wrote the blog post about organization and balancing things for school I am sadly falling behind.  My business class is insane!  We have to research a topic and write 600+ words on it with no less than 3 peer reviewed articles on even weeks.  Then on odd weeks we have to reply to 3 classmates by researching their writings and finding our own article to quote.  Whew. I’m tired just writing what has to be done and that didn’t even cover the readings and tests.  Thank goodness weekends are 2 days!!

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