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The Balancing Act that is My Life

My life as both a Professional and a Student!

I work 43+ hours a week as Senior Accountant for a Real Estate Developer.  I am a Wife.  I am a Student.  I am on 2 boards of non-profits.  These are all titles I have but none really tell you whom I am, crazy busy!  LOL
Organization is so important to keep my life in balance.  Some weeks I fall short on something.  Laundry piles up, dishes don’t get done, a school assignment falls short.  I am human and do the best I can.  I wanted to share my experience and journey through this time in my life.
Being organized is the most important thing!  I keep a Lilly Pulitzer planner and make sure all items are also in my phone, cause double booking does happen and causes so many problems. Yup I have double booked several times and am always embarrassed when I have to cancel one.  Not to mention keeping on top of blogging dates is so important.  I don’t want my blog or name to be known as one that doesn’t follow through on contracts!
I also, use note pads and desk planners for school like this (found in store at Monkee’s).  I love this cause I can use it as a mouse pad or punch holes and put it in my binder.  My binder is essential to keeping items easily accessible for the online courses I am taking.  Like my schedule and requirements for posting projects.  (I love getting note pads from Target bargain bins also)
Some things I do to make school work easier.  1. I review and write down all items assigned for the week as well as printing them.  2. I select which class I want to do first and knock it out, then move on to the next.  There is nothing worse than trying to do school work for two class’ at the exact same time.  I tried this once and forgot an assignment completely.  3.  I check off what I have accomplished.  This makes me feel good!  4.  I plan at least an hour to 2 a day for reading.  This is the hardest thing to accomplish because some days my job drains me.  Planning each day for it allows me to have enough time to accomplish the readings so if I need to skip a day I won’t be too far behind.  5.  I always schedule time for myself!  If I don’t take care of me I will become stressed and fall apart.  Like getting sick or overly tired.
Basically Scheduling is the key to keeping my crazy life together.  One item I recently purchased that has been a big help is my extra large tote.  It holds my laptop, binder, and planner.  I can keep items in it so if something comes up while I am at work I have it readily at my hand.
I hope I gave you some idea’s on how to keep your life organized.
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