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A Little Structure

Last week I wore a TopShop tank with a blazer, jeans, and heels (see post here).  I wanted to take my navy blazer a step further for cooler weather.  I love the sleeve of the shirt showing at the wrist.  The simple structure of this outfit is perfect and something I wear to work now.  It can easily be dressed up a little more by adding slacks. 
photography by Sharon Bui  
This long sleeve shirt is a thick quality material.  It will be perfect this winter for layering. 

I have been hunting for a perfect pair of everyday black flats.  I ordered several pair but I always seemed to get an email saying they were out of my size and my order had been cancelled.  These were meant to be.  The plaid gives them a little more along with the tassels.  I had so much fun styling them. 
I have spent a little money this month to purchase quality classic pieces for my wardrobe.  I am finding as I get older that I need a little more structure and quality.  Not to mention these are perfect for whatever job I may hold! 

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