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Fall equals Ponchos

I saw a similar outfit on another blog and thought that looks comfortable!  So I pulled similar items I have and voila!  What is more perfect than leggings, and comfortable top, and a poncho!  I picked up this poncho at Old Navy last year and have loved wearing it.  I wasn’t sure if I would like poncho’s.  Since I now know I love them, I will be getting a few more this year.
This top is new from J Crew Factory.  It is so thick and warm.  I wasn’t sure what the fabric would be like but knew if it was thin I could easily layer it.  Bonus that it’s thick!!  Plus it comes down long which is nice.  I don’t have to worry about exposing my stomach or back.  Which means I can wear it to work!!
Speaking of work….. today is my last day at my old job.  Tomorrow I start my new job!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be getting out of the negative environment.  I was training the temp and she was shocked by how they run their company!  I mean, how much more validation do I need???  When someone sits in my Accounting chair and goes they do what? why? that makes no since from a business perspective.  I just smiled.  God truly helped me get through this and find something new.
photography by Sharon Bui

Thank goodness it’s finally cold in NC!  I have been dying to wear some of my sweater, but have had a hard time when the temp gets in the 70’s around lunch.  I am sure when it stays in the 30’s I won’t be happy though lol.  Can’t ever win with mother nature.
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