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Go To Falsies

Makeup has always been tricky for me because it isn’t something the women in my family wear.  My Grandmother use to say, “I have to put my face on” and she would apply lipstick.  Lipstick has always been a go to for my family, but oddly enough it is not something I typically like to wear.  I find it fades or goes away completely after just a short time of wearing it.  I do apply it before going to see people, but on my day to day I typically won’t wear it or forget to reapply so it only lasts a few hours.

My eyes are what I tend to focus on.  Growing up everyone always commented on my big brown eyes.  I feel naked if I don’t have at least eye liner on.  My husband will laugh that instead of applying lipstick like my mom, I apply eye liner.  Recently I tried false lashes for the first time and loved them.  They added the extra umph to my eyes.  So when given the chance to try different brands like Trick Hair, I was excited.  The feel and texture of their lashes are so natural.  I also love how they pop on my eyes without making me look fake.  Sadly the picture I tried to take when wearing them was blurry I will try to post one soon.
These are not only soft and natural looking, the storage case is just too cute!!
You can order these lashes from Tricky Hair
I am hoping to add a new regular monthly post to the blog about beauty and makeup.  Would love feedback if you are interested in products I am finding and loving.