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Must Have Scarf

Jeans Sweater  (in stores)/ Scarf

Last week when out to lunch with a friend I did a little shopping!  I snagged this sweater from The Limited at 70% off, and this scarf from Nordstrom for $26!  I love the two together and are so easy to wear.  This scarf has become my favorite and I’m wearing it all the time!
I wore this outfit for a recent couples photo shoot with my hubby.  I am working with an online company creating Holiday Cards and wanted some cute pictures of us that weren’t 5 years old.  As with all our couple pics, I wear a white top and the husband wears black.  I did this for our 5 year anniversary pics and loved it so much they are our go to colors.  We tried all white and all black but it just didn’t look right.  Do you and your significant other have go to colors for pictures?

My job is still going amazing!  Monday’s I go in early and leave at 4.  This past Monday was the first time on that schedule and it was so nice!  I got home at 4:12, was able to relax and watch a movie with my hubby.  Best part of all was we ordered a pizza, which made the night even more relaxing than having to cook.

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