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Orange Theory

Exercise is at the bottom of my endless to do list.  When given the opportunity to kick start my workout routine I ‘jumped’ at it.  Let me tell you after 1 Orange Theory workout my legs were sore for 4 days!  That says a lot about how out of shape I am and how great the workout was.  Also, I learned some things that I can do on my own.  I try very hard to work out at the office so that I am not sitting all day but I don’t want to sweat.  So adding some squats and lunges will be perfect to my normal stretching.

What I love about OT is they email me a progress of my class along with how many calories that I burn.  This particular day I burned just over 300 in a 30 min workout!  My favorite exercise is the rowing machine.  Maybe it’s cause I am sitting and using similar muscles that are used in swimming.
Not sure if you know but I was a swimmer growing up.  I swam from the age of 5 on summer leagues until I could join a fall/winter team.  I competed and was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I always say if I had a pool I would be in better shape as that is my preferred exercise method.  Finding this rowing machine is now second on the preferred exercise method.  However, OT is so much more than that.  They give a well rounded exercise with Endurance, Cardio, and Strength training.  Not only did I row, but I did squats, lunges, arm press’, and many more before switching to cardio on the treadmill.

Every year I say I am going to get into shape and loose weight.  Well this is my year! 
How do you stay in shape?
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