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Work Wear

I thought I would share some outfits with you that I have been wearing to work:
Tank / Pants / Sweater ($49 online now)/ Flats
I have been loving all black outfits lately.  With a warm brown cardi it just seems so professional.  These jogger pants are so comfortable I truly felt like I was wearing my PJ’s all day!

Top / Pants / Cardigan (marked down $67)/ Flats
I bought this cardi earlier this year and have loved wearing it.  It big arms and loose fit make it perfect to dress up jeans or wear to the office.  I even wear it around the house on cool mornings!  Def at the top of my must have staple closet item!
Truth be told I have been wearing this scarf and these flats nonstop!  I have been really redefining my style since I have (almost) no restrictions at work.  As you can see all these pics are items I have worn to work.  Each day is a new day to test my style and expand what I pair together.
I have been wearing more lipstick lately and some bold colors.  It’s kinda like, yeah I’m dressed up see my color lipstick. lol  But really accessories really can make an outfit go from drab to fab!
Can I just say how much I am loving the bathroom mirror!!  The lighting is great and I can get a cute outfit pic.  Let’s face it most mornings I am rushing out the door and don’t stop to take a pic.
What kinds of things do you love to wear to work?