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Friday the 13th.  OMG!  I am not superstitious, but this past Friday was insane!  The work emails were cray and caused issue after issue.  The traffic and people on the road in general was cray.  My boss and I agreed we would both go home and not leave because of how cray our day had been.
I mentioned before how my favorite go to grocery store, Relay Foods, stopped service in NC (insert sad face emoji).  So I have been struggling where to get my groceries.  Where I loved we were eating local organic foods (Farm to Table), it was also the online ordering I liked.  I tend to shop smarter when I can see how much it will cost.  Which is why I decided to try Harris Teeter Online ordering.  I was surprised how I could drill down my selections!  My order consisted of fresh veggies, meats, paper items, and pet food.  My favorite part was being able to see what was on sale.  Like the pet food was BOGO.  Once my order was ready I selected the date and time to pick up.  Drove to the store and pushed a button.  An employee came out with my card bagged in paper (I prefer paper) and loaded my car!  Perfection!  I will totally use Harris Teeter online order again.  However I have to say when it comes to fruit and veggies I do like to pick them out myself.  So Trader Joe’s is my go to for those.  The freshness and price are unbeatable!
If you aren’t familiar with NC then you don’t know about our winter’s.  On Monday last week it was 8 degrees.  By Thursday it was 68 degrees.  Yes, that is a 60 degree change in 4 days!  I loved when it was warmer though.  Was able to take a walk outside during my work day, which I miss so much.  I am excited to be able to walk again during my work day.  Walking outside around Downtown Durham and in Southern Village on 70 degree days.  Its nice to get some fresh air and be outside.  My husband doesn’t get why I want to be outside so much, but then he is always outside with his job.
I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am at my new job!  I am respected for my knowledge, as an Adult, and for my opinion.  My boss and I get along so well.  She asks my opinion on how to process things.  She treats me as an equal.  She trusts that I am capable of doing my job.  It is so refreshing.  Also, I love that the dress code is so flexible.  I know I have pushed it a day or two but I make up for it with being more dressy.  This is an outfit I would totally wear!  Leggings, long sweater, and boots.

This scarf was a gift from my sister for Christmas.  I was so excited that she picked it out.  If you read this time last year you know my sister had an accident that left her paralyzed.  So the fact that she went to the store and picked out a scarf for me means so much!  I can’t wait till May when I go back to see her and my nephews!  We face time a lot but it’s not the same as being there and hugging everyone.
xo, Lee

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