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The Blues

Snowmaggedan hit NC!  We got 3 inches of snow and a nice thick layer of ice.  Which of course means hunkering down and staying home.  We watch movies by the fire and relax.  Thankfully my job is understanding so I am working from home today.  It is nice but I have to be honest I enjoy working in the office.  I feel more productive and less distracted.  However, I will accept the generous offer because it is like 8 degrees outside!  The news reporters said it’s not often one of them gets to say Durham NC is in the single digits!
  Rings – Left, Right
This sweater is a wool blend and something I picked up early 2016 (still strange that we are in 2017) from Monkees!  I have linked a similar sweater.  I just love the bold blue color and pairing it with denim doesn’t seem so casual.  Also pairing my heels gives the outfit a little something extra!
What did you do over the weekend?
It was my mom’s birthday last week.  I went with her to DPAC to see An American In Paris.  It was amazing.  We ate at Mother’s and Sons before the show.  I have eaten there once when they opened, but always forget you have to have reservations.  I made sure to book our reservations a few days out so that we could get in at the time we wanted.  The food is amazing, I recommend the Brushetta and sharing several of their pasta dishes.  We ordered Gnocchi and Squid.
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