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Military Fringe

Top (steal, splurge) / Pants (steal, splurge) / Tee / Wedges

I am sure you are wondering why I am linking 2 options for the fringe top and pants.  Well the fringe is from 2016 and the pants sold out (like overnight).  I love to give you options.  Nothing aggravates me more than to click on a link and for the item to be several hundred dollars.  So my splurge are under $50 and my steal are under $170.  You pick.
I got these pants after seeing them on IG and knew I would love them!  I was right and wish I had ordered them in Black also before they sold out!  I love the light weight fabric and cute bow detail on these.  Oddly enough this is my 3rd pair of military green pants.  Sometimes I have a hard time styling them but I love when an off chance idea comes to me like a soft pink tee under this fringe sweater!  It’s perfect for those Spring days (or if your in NC February lol).
In my next few posts you will see these wedges.  No lie, they are super comfortable!  I wore them the whole day with no problems and no breaking in!  The wedge height is perfect for tall gals like me (5’9″).  Also, I love the lace detail.  I think they are a little more classy than normal wedges that are in right now.  I will be wearing these all the time (better buy a second pair, lol).
I didn’t link the clutch cause it’s hard to find a dupe.  This came from Target last year and was “The” clutch to get.  I am keeping my out for this years clutch.  Might be a good giveaway item!
With a fairly neutral outfit having a cute pop like this clutch helps tie everything together.  Plus it brings out the pink tee!  Pops of color are essential.  You will notice my lip and nail color are a bright pink as well.  I didn’t have time to get a pedi but it’s on my list.

photography by Sharon

What Spring items are you purchasing now?
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