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Valentine’s Day + Giveaway

My husband hates commercialism.  The fact that flower, candy, and card companies are telling him to do something special for me just upsets him.  He prefers to do things for me throughout the year.  I pass a big exam, do something thoughtful for someone else, or just be my sweet self are some of the reasons he gives me flowers, treats me to a special dinner, brings me chocolates, and other things.
Don’t get me wrong Valentine’s day is a great concept and something perfect for those newly dating.
So I bet you wonder what we do on Valentine’s day.  Usually a home cooked meal by candlelight.  One year I came home to the house spotless and an amazing spaghetti dinner.  Another year it was a bottle of wine and a bubble bath.  No matter what my husband does it is special to me because he tried.  In our busy lives it is important to keep romance alive.
I am so excited to be apart of this giveaway!  Who wants a Kate Spade Coin Purse, Kate Spade Stud Earrings, Sephora Gift Card and Betsey Johnson Scarf????  Well continue down to enter for your chance to win!

Red is not my color.  Therefore I really don’t own any red clothing.  For Christmas my mom gifted me this deep wine faux fur scarf!  I love the pop of color it gives my outfits.  Plus who doesn’t love fur!
photography by Sharon

Hands down my favorite pair of jeans!  Articles of Society are sleek and comfortable for the woman with curves!  They are slim and fitted at my ankle and comfortable on my abdomen.  I have the worst time finding jeans I can wear, but these are perfect and at under $60 totally affordable!