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Lilly for Spring

I snagged this dress on clearance last year and have loved wearing it!  This is the first time it has been photographed for the blog, but it won’t be the last.  I also can’t wait to get another Lilly dress!  They are so fun and easy to wear!  Jean jackets are a must for me with dress’.  I wear my jean jacket a lot in the spring and summer.  It’s a fun way to change the look of a dress’ or outfit.
Today is my husband’s Birthday!  Yesterday I surprised him with an ‘office’ pot luck.  Habitat has regular pot lucks with it’s regular volunteers during the week.  So I contacted the amazing Linda who puts them together and requested a Surprise Pot Luck for B’s Birthday!  We had a favorite of his, Taco’s.  My parents came and brought a salad.  It was so nice to surprise him and share his day with everyone who works so hard along side him.  Even some of the actual office staff came out to celebrate.  He was so surprised he didn’t see me at first and thought to himself “Lee isn’t going to believe this”!  Am I good or what!
photography by Sharon