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Perfect Stripe

Finals are done and I have a week break before the next mini semester starts.  So glad to be done.  Taking 3 class’ at one time is hard.  I survived though and my grades were good.  Could have been better, but I passed!  One nice thing is all work was due Friday.  Which means I got my weekend back!  Saturday I met my dear friend and photographer Sharon.  We took pics in Carrboro, then went to Rise where Sharon got her first doughnut (she usually gets a chicken biscuit).  They are calling for snow Sunday so I took Saturday to clean the house and bring wood in.  The husband works on Saturday’s so I try to do what I can.
I love how versatile this top is.  I got it at Nordstrom, it’s J Crew.  It’s the perfect wait for Sprig, of course Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that it’s spring!  As I write the temp outside is in the 50’s and they are calling for snow.  Oh well, we have had some real nice days.  More nice days are to come.  Now to adjust to day light savings time.
photography by Sharon

These pics were shot in Lafayette Village in Raleigh.  It is the cutest little shopping complex.  It is designed to be, what I image, a town in France.  There is the best chocolate shop there!  Also, some super cute boutiques.  A friend of mine calls the center bougie.  Which I totally get but it’s so cute and family friendly.  There is a open court yard between like 6 restaurants where kids run and play while their parents visit and drink.  I had lunch there and totally got the appeal.  It’s on my list of places to go when I have out of town guests.
What did you do this weekend?

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