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Summer Pasta Salad

The perfect and easy side for any summer lunch or dinner!
Welcome to my new Summer Salad Series!  Each Month I will share an easy summer recipe that is a go to for us.  I keep these items in my house all summer so I can throw together a salad at the last min.

Pasta – 1 cup
Mayonnaise – 1/4 Cup
Ranch – 2 TBLSP
I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love my pasta salads.  My husband loves that they are always different based on what I have in my home.  For example I make this same dish with Bacon instead of Ham.  I also have one that has Broccoli and Grapes with a different base (instead of Ranch).  I am excited to start sharing these recipes with you each month.

So gather items in your house and cook with me.  I put very little Ranch and Mayo in a bowl with some onion because when you add warm pasta they blend together and spread over the pasta.  Cook about 1 cup of Pasta (serves 4-6).  Then just mix everything together.  It’s so easy!  I put mine in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before serving.

I created this pasta salad after we had been purchasing the boxed kind that you put together.  I realized how much sodium and bad stuff were in the ‘season’ packets.  So I decided I could easily make it at home with items that I have.  One thing I do to change things up is swap Ranch for Red Wine Vinaigrette.  It’s a whole new flavor!
Alright, this is the MOST important thing to remember.  Add Milk!
Yup Milk.  Pasta will absorb all the mayo and ranch and will dry out.  If you add milk it will keep the pasta moist and flavorful.  Just a tiny bit when you fix it, then add a little more when you serve.  Also, if you have left overs just add a little milk when you eat it.  Otherwise your salad will be kinda crunchy.
We serve this with every meal, especially with grilled items!
I made this pasta salad to go with our Carolina BBQ (purchased pre-made).
I can’t wait to hear how you made your salad unique!

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