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Weekend Recap

For the first time in a long time I had a jam packed weekend.  Of course Saturday started off with a fun photoshoot at UNC!  I have shot pics there before but there is so much to the University.  Like the Coker Arboretum.  I also remembered to Snap and InstaStory my weekend.  I usually live my life and forget about social media.  Not necessarily a bad thing though.
Shoot location 1 was this amazing path!  I love places like this with foliage. 
When these vines bloom this path will be amazing!
Next was by the Old Well and these beautiful flowers!  Can’t wait to show you a fun Off The Shoulder Top I wore in a pale blue!  Not quite Carolina Blue but pretty close.
The afternoon was spent trying to study outside, but this cutie kept getting me side tracked. 
She and our boy [Poopaw] are so cute outside.
Sunday was a epic day.  We started at Rise for Coffee and Doughnuts.  Then it was off to prepare for the Home Dedication.  My husband works for Habitat for Humanity building homes.  When the home is complete they ‘dedicate’ the home to the home owner.  This means everyone who made the home possible is invited to come and celebrate the accomplishment and congratulate the new home owners.  The home is the first duplex for our county.  Which means two home owners.  I met the two ladies several months ago and really enjoyed getting to know them.
My hubby with the two ladies on either side and their families. 
It was such a beautiful day for the event and everyone was so nice.
We ended the day with my mom and her husband coming over for dinner.  Clearly we are big on snacks and cheese plates!  I always set out food for people to graze on before we eat dinner.  Which of course was my signature Asian Chicken Wraps [which clearly I need to share with you].  Since it was so nice we ate outside.
I hope you had a great weekend and a good week.
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