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Casual Stripes

This is a busy but fun week for me!  Sadly this morning I am seeing a retinal specialist about my CRVO (Central Retinal Vain Occlusion).  I am hoping he will say things are fine just like the Ophthalmologist said years ago.  I am going to appease my new eye doctor. 
Fun part of my week is a photo shoot tomorrow, and a DPAC play “Something Rotten” on Thursday.  I love going to the DPAC with my mom.  It’s something we will always have together.
Then the piece-de-resistance is my Aunt and favorite cousin are coming in town Friday.  Saturday I will take my cousin around Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Pittsboro, and Durham!  I can’t wait to really show her where we live.  Usually when she comes in town it’s a family function and we don’t have time to just hang out.  Any suggestions on where we should go?

Photography by Sharon

photography by Sharon