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Gotta love NC Spring!  90 degrees on Saturday and 60 on Sunday.  Which is why I keep certain items available no matter the season.  This reversible bomber is light weight enough to wear on 70 degree days.  I love how versatile it is!  Blush or Black it will go with any outfit.  Pairing it with these Ivy Park leggings was perfect to run errands and grad lunch with a friend.  I love weekends!

Last week was a terrible week for me, which is why I didn’t blog but one day.  Between redoing the companies books for December through May (working for someone who doesn’t know proper Accounting sucks), and other life stress; it was just a terrible week.  I was able to get my groove back though.  Saturday I volunteered at Dress for Success Spring Sale.  It was fun helping women shop and playing with clothes.  Of course I purchased a few items!  At those prices there was no way I was walking away empty handed.  After than I popped over to my friend, April’s, store Be Pure Beauty.  I picked up her new Tanning Lotion. Can’t wait for my pale legs to have a little color!  After than I ran to Raleigh to exchange a shirt for my mom from the Flourish Market.  I was so glad my friend Em was working and there to chat with.  The last two times I had been there she wasn’t.  Not only did I pick up a shirt for my mom but I snagged a killer Kimono for myself (check IG to see it).

I hope you had a great weekend!