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First Sunday

The small town of Pittsboro is a short drive from Chapel Hill or Cary/Apex.
In the Spring and Summer months they hold “First Sunday” from 12-5
Artisans line the streets, food trucks, and live music are some of what you will see.
My husband and I discovered first Sunday two years ago.  We love going and spending the day with each other.  We shop not only the artisans but the local small business.  Many of the shops that are closed on Sunday are open.  My favorite is a little antique store Reclamation Home Furnishings.

Supporting local is def a theme this week.  The artisans that come out to First Sunday are so talented.  My husband loves to talk to people about how they make the items they are selling, or course I love shopping!  We purchase jewelry, shirts, soap, and antiques.
We usually stop in to City Tap for a drink while walking around.  Dogs are welcome here and everyone is so nice!  We met a man yesterday who knew people my husband knows from Habitat.  The men ended up exchanging numbers and he said I just had to meet his wife.  He even invited us to the Carolina Brewery event that is held the third Monday of the month.  It’s an event that raises money for dogs in the area.  We are excited to go in June!  Also, there is a distillery in Pittsboro, Fair Game, that holds free tastings on Thursday’s!  I am looking into both things to confirm.
The black pup you see is 13 years old, I had a great talk with her owners about arthritis in dogs and they gave some great suggestions.  Their son works for a vet and I was happy to learn how they handled arthritis.  Plus the husband use to work with a man that Brian knows.  It can be a small world.
The court house is open and has a cool museum, plus public bathrooms.  They have these cute cut outs for photo ops.  My hubby was the one who suggested we get a pic.  I love him.
Live music is setup all around.  These artists are amazing.  Since B loves music he always wants to listen and talk to the bank.  This woman sounded a lot like Natalie Merchant.  She was very good.
Usually the Woodwright shop is closed, it just happened to be open this Sunday and B got to meet a hero of his, Roy Underhill.  He is on PBS hosting the Woodwright shop.  I have never seen B so happy!  I said I would look into B taking his class.
Of course amazing food trucks!  My favorite supports a non-profit that helps Vets, HABO!  They have $2 hot dogs, $4 Hamburgers and more.  They are so nice and the food is so good.
All in all Sunday was a fun and amazing day for us.  We ended the day with a walk around the Haw River.  Then home to cook on the grill.  I was worried about the cooler temps but it ended up being perfect weather.
Next time you have a few hours to do something new and fun check out First Sunday in Pittsboro.