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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day to me is a time to let my mom know how much I appreciate her.  I usually do more for her on Mother’s day than I do for Christmas or her Birthday.  I see little things here and there at the local stores I shop and think “mom would love this”  I thought I would share a few of the items I have seen.  First, meet my mom!  I am very proud to say I am her daughter and very much like her.  She is a strong, independent woman.  Her level of patience and caring exceeds anyone I have ever met.

When I was 5 my mom went back to work.  She had been a stay at home mom with myself and older sister & brother.  She got a job at United Way of America.  Having been an English teacher before kids she was able to work in fundraising.  By the time I got to middle school she was the Executive Director of a non-profit in Arlington VA.  I spent many ‘sick’ days in high school volunteering.  My love of non-profits comes from her.

When my father passed away 16 years ago, she stayed positive about life.  After about 2 years she decided to become a therapeutic foster parents.  She had on average 2-3 children in her home for 10 years.  The kids she helped just needed someone who had patience to work with them.  Most of the kids had been neglected.  She taught them to trust and learn to communicate.
Due to health reasons she had to stop being a foster parent.  This is around the time she met her second husband.  Who is actually a friend of my husband’s for over 15 years.  He is 10 years younger than she and keeps her on her toes.  She loves his approach to life.  Being married has revitalized her.  She travels more and has a zest for life that was diminishing before.
My mom and I are very close.  We talk almost everyday.  I take her shopping, as well as handle all technology questions.  One thing I noticed when we would go shopping was there were few options for women her age.  She is over 68 and shouldn’t be wearing OTS.  So it really got me thinking, what options are there for her?  She likes cotton shirts with a good sleeve on it that’s not too tight on the stomach.  While in Raleigh last weekend I stopped at my friend Em’s store The Flourish Market, I was certain I would find something there.  I am happy to say I found several items for my mom.
Elegant Tees is a Fair Trade Ethical company.  Garments are made in Nepal and help individuals escape sex trafficking by giving them a profession and fair wage.  The Flourish Market is a Fair Trade and Ethical boutique.  I have seen Elegant Tees on many of my fellow bloggers and knew the cut would be exactly what my mom was looking for. (all picture’s are linked). 
Em also carries some amazing candles that not only smell delicious the holders are art!  I have a few around my house and get upset when my hubby burns them because I want to keep them forever.  I light them on special occasions.  My mom loves candles and this is something simple but personal I could give her.
Last my mom doesn’t wear earrings, but if she did these would be what I would give her.  The leather earrings are so light weight while being stylish.  They are made by artisans at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India.  At $24 you can get every color!  I picked up a pair of these for myself and have worn them so much.
Shopping local is a total theme on this post.  Where I love Nordstrom and they are my go to for everyday clothing, I shop local for home items and gifts.  One of my favorite stores is Halie’s Boutique.  Corrie is an amazing #GirlBoss.  One item she carry’s, besides Brosway, are Corkcicle.  These cups are the perfect gift for everyone!  I have 2 that I use for coffee or cold drinks.  I had an iced drink in my car, it was like 90 degrees, I went in to an appointment that took an hour.  When I got back in my car not only was my drink still cold, there was still ice in the cup!

Last, pampering products are always a great gift for mom’s.  When I pick anything up for my mom it is natural, so naturally I go to Be Pure Beauty.  April is an amazing #GirlBoss, and always happy to talk beauty.  I find I ask her questions, like switching to natural deodorant.  I love the C&Co Lavender home & linen spray, April’s own blend face wash, and Acure face cream.  She also just got a bath bar!  I am excited to make my own bath blend.
I hope I was able to give you some idea’s for Mother’s Day!