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OTS Brights

I picked up this top on a whim and have loved wearing it.  My husband tells me I am pretty when I wear it, and he usually hates trendy fashion.  The material is a little thicker which makes it perfect for 70 degree days.  Plus I don’t worry about it being see-through.  I love this outfit for fun outings, like First Sunday.
photography by Sharon

Finals are done and I am on break from school until August!  I am so glad I decided to take the summer off.  This semester burned me out.  5 class’ was a lot of work!  It will put me behind slightly but the break is much needed.  I plan to read a lot, relax, and enjoy the weekends.
This weekend was my first one off and I lived it up!
Saturday: I met fellow blogger Emily from Epicurean Emily, we took some blog pics and had lunch at Monuts.  This is my second time eating at Monuts and I have been blown away both times!  I ordered the Quiche and a side salad.  After that I had errands to run and spend time with my hubby.
Sunday: We had my mom, her husband, and two friends over.  The guys went fishing and my mom and I watched the movie Hidden Figures.  I cook a big fried chicken dinner for everyone and we played games.  All in all it was a great Mother’s Day.
What did you do this weekend?