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The Glam Life

Tank / Shorts / Wedges / Bag

Happy May 1st.  Time is flying so quickly.
I now own 3 of this tank!  I love the cut and feel, plus I can wear them to work with a jacket or cardi..  Totally a must!  I threw this outfit together on a whim and love it!  So naturally when I wanted to capture the outfit I needed to do it in front of this floral wall in Carrboro!
Sometimes I can’t believe that my life is my life!  On Friday I got out of work early and drove into Carrboro to pick up fresh seafood from Tom Robinsons!  I love there is a fresh local seafood stand!  I picked up some scallops, crab, and squid!  I make fritters with the squid, basically you beat the meat then cut it up in small chunks, finally add to hushpuppy mix and fry.  YUM.
Saturday I was given an opportunity to model for a local publication!  Wake Living Magazine put together a Glamping shoot which will hit shelves Memorial Day Weekend!  I am so over the moon that I was able be apart.  There were several local boutiques and stores that provided the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and props.  We had professional hair stylist and makeup artist.  I wore a total of 4 outfits.  Hair and Makeup started at 1:30, by 5 we started shooting.  Around 8 we finished.  I don’t think I have been so hungry or tired!  I have total respect for ladies who do this as a profession.  Sunday morning I felt like a truck hit me.  Muscles I didn’t know could hurt did.  Funny enough I would do it again in a heartbeat!  It was so much fun.  April Clark from Wake Living did an amazing job of setting things up.  I am just honored I could help her complete her vision.
Where I was tired on Sunday I had school work to do, and yard work.  Not to mention I had yet to cook all the seafood I purchased on Friday.  My poor husband wanted me to go fishing with him but after cutting the grass I was not about to walk a mile to watch him fish.
photography by Sharon
 Here we are at Monday again.  I wish I had another day off to get some school work done and sleep.  Here’s hoping for the week to go quickly lol