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Getting Savannah Ready

We head to Savannah in 38 days!!!  I am so excited!  We have been planning and pre-shopping for what we need (like a cooler).  I have also been slowly buying clothes for the trip.  Like this dress!  It’s perfect for Savannah.  I can wear it to dinner or just walking around town.  In the humid Savannah air I won’t be uncomfortable in this cute number.  The fabric is perfect to flow in the breeze.
I purchased these shorts  , Bathing Suit and this top so far.  
Next is a cute cover-up and maybe a new pair of sandals.  
What do you like to purchase for vacations? 

 photography by Sharon
I thought it only fitting to capture this dress by our local pond.  Savannah has so many bodies of water and swamp land.  It’s just majestic.  I am so excited to really capture our trip this time and do a fun Savannah trip guide for you.  All the amazing eats, places to see, and of course Tybee Island.