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Spare Ribs

I picked up these Pork Spare Ribs from Kroger.  I have cooked ribs in the oven with a beer and mustard marinade before.  Slow cooking on the grill was something I wanted to try.  I have to tell you they are good either way but slow cooking them on the grill is our preferred method now.  My brother always told me ribs should be slow cooked.  Once I decided how to cook them I went to the internet for tips and ideas.  One thing I found interesting was not to put liquid sauce (like BBQ sauce) on the ribs until you serve them!  I found this interesting, but made total since to me.  The sauce would run off and make the flames flare, which would over cook the meat.  Another item was removing the thin layer of fat on the back of the ribs.  This will also drip on the fire and make it flare.

Remove thin layer of fat from back of ribs before cooking
Don’t add a liquid sauce until after the ribs are cooked
Rub the meat with lemon or lime (citrus) before applying dry rub
Turn on grill to warm, then turn the heat way down
Place foil on bottom cooking rack to catch any drips
Cook meat on top rack so not to burn
Dry Rub (simple is best)
Greek Seasoning
Season Salt
Rub the meat with your citrus (slice lemon in half and rub directly on meat).  Then sprinkle, evenly, dry rub on meat.  I used a basting brush to spread the dry rub out, you can also use your hand.  Then put on top rack of grill on lowest flame height.  Close grill for 3 hours, IMPORTANT do not open grill to check on meat.  You want a constant temp to evenly cook.  Serve as is or with a BBQ sauce.  Since my hubby doesn’t like BBQ sauce we have it on the side for anyone that wants to use it.
My hubby’s friend was over when we cooked these.  He loved them and said he usually has ribs with a sauce but loved the taste of the meat and didn’t use any sauce.   These were fall off the bone amazing!  I served baked beans with it.  Other side items can be corn, potato salad, pasta salad, or grilled veggies.