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Taking care of your Smile

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own

With my very busy life I have to multi task.  My husband, B, will tell you that your brain is incapable of multi tasking.  That it can switch from one task to another very quickly but you are incapable of doing two things simultaneously.  I love a challenge.  An example of me doing two things at once is whitening my teeth and blogging, or whitening my teeth and putting together outfits.
Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying their product.  My teeth are something I am always concerned about.  Maybe all those years I wore braces, or before that and the massive front gap I had in middle school.  I’m not sure where it comes from but I put a lot of work on my teeth.  Between brushing, flossing, and using a special fluoride toothpaste.  I have used many types of teeth whitening products over the years.  Even one my dentist gave me.  I didn’t always see the result I wanted.  My teeth did look whiter but not the brilliant white I expected.  I mean how can those whitening products work in 3-5 minutes?  Being skeptical I accepted the collaboration and was sent the product. 
Right off I was impressed.  Smile Brilliant sent me a dental impression kit, 4 whitening syringes, and 4 sensitive syringes.  I had to caste a dental impression of my teeth and send it in for custom whitening trays.  All in the comfort of my own home.  If you have ever had a dental impression caste of your teeth you know how terrible it is.  Being sat back in a chair and having someone else shove something in your mouth that makes you gag.  UGH.  In only 15 minutes I made an impression of my teeth (they give an extra set just in case), and mailed them off.
I’ll be honest, I was nervous about trying the product.  The first time I put whitening solution in the tray I put too much and it tasted terrible.  I pulled the trays out after 5 minutes.  The second time I put a smaller amount and didn’t taste anything.  I was easy to put in, set a timer, and go about my normal tasks.  I did sound a little funny during my call with my mom, but explained to her I was slurring because I was also whitening.  I was pleased by the result just on the first (real) try!
My weight has been something I am struggling with lately, and having the whitening trays in for an hour helped curb my constant grazing.  When I took the trays out I didn’t want to eat because my teeth were so nice.  Bonus!