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Savannah Eats

My husband and I love Savannah.  The town is so rich with History and Fun.
This was our second year going to Savannah, and we went with a plan.
Beach by day and Food by night!
Here is a recap of where we went to eat.
Our first stop was The Grey.  We ordered cocktails and their Tea Sandwiches.
I got the Summer Spritzer and my hubby tried one of their beers.  The drinks were very good, the food not as much.  I enjoyed the pimento cheese tea sandwich, but the other two were not as good.

Definitely a good starting place for cocktails.  Seating is limited (as in 4 tables and a short bar).

The atmosphere was fun.  The bar was in the old Greyhound Bus station and had a 50’s vibe.  Bonus was the people watching as we waited for our drinks.  The Grey is located on a major street coming into Savannah and many people were walking by as we sat.
We left The Grey and headed into town more.  Since it was Sunday evening not many places were open, so we headed to City Market.  This is some place we visited before and knew would have fun things to try.
We settled on Café at City Market.  They are known for their Peach Sangria.  I recalled from last year that we both enjoyed the cocktail.  Along with our drinks we ordered the corned beef sandwich with chips.  We split the sandwich, which was very well made!  The corned beef was piled high, the cheese was melted to perfection, and it was topped off with a pickle.  All in all a great place to eat.
City Market is fun and usually has live music and great people watching.
Our second night in Savannah we headed back to City Market based on a suggestion from the tire guy.  We blew a tire heading to the beach because of all the road work.  Please be careful driving, the potholes are traitorous.
We decided to check out Sorry Charlie’s.  Luckily it was happy hour!  Which meant $1 Oysters (raw or steamed).  We ordered 1 dozen, and some cocktails.  I forgot the name of the drink I ordered, it started with an ‘R’.  It was so good.  They also have 6 cocktail slushy’s!  Which I got to go.  Our server was so nice and fun.  She chatted with us and made suggestions.
After dinner at Sorry Charlie’s we started to walk toward the River.  I had heard the view at The Bohemian Hotel was a great place to get a drink, the view is spectacular.  We did not order drinks as we still had our slushy but did enjoy the view and snapped a few pictures. 
The next day I wanted to try a few shops I heard great things about.
First we stopped at Marche’ de Macarons.  The shop was small but by did they have a great selection!  I ordered the Raspberry, Jasmine Passion Fruit, and Blackberry Lavender.  There had to be at least 17 different flavors.  They are larger than the Macarons I have had before.  Hands down the best place to stop!
Last we got Ice Cream at Leopold’s.  The line was out the door when we arrived.  I was handed this menu from the people in front of me.  They have a ton of flavors to choose from.  I went with the Mint Chocolate Chip in a cone.  Even though the line was long it went quickly.  The staff were so friendly and helpful.  The ice cream was very delicious.  Some place I will stop again when we are in Savannah.
Do you have a place you love to eat in Savannah?