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Savannah Sights

I hope you enjoyed Savannah Eats.  I mentioned how rich Savannah’s history is.  I wanted to share some of the sights we saw.
Right outside our Airbnb was Monterey Square.  There is a monument for Compete Casimir Pulaski.  It was interesting reading about him on the plaque.  The square was a nice place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  Something I love about Savannah are the big trees.  Usually cities don’t have any.

Right next to Monterey Square is the house where Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was filmed.  There is a cute store on the back side of the house and they offer tours for $12.50.  I didn’t go on a tour this time, but enjoyed walking around the house.
Just beyond Monterey Square is Forsyth Park where this amazing fountain is.  My hubby took the pic below and I didn’t realize until a friend made a comment that it looked like I was wearing a hat.  Forsyth park is a massive park with a lot going on.  The fountain is located at the North end.
All around Savannah you will find these plaques telling you about a building.
River Street is a great place to visit while in Savannah.  We enjoyed getting cocktails, shopping, and the views.
Close to the Bohemian Hotel is a WWII monument.  You can see B in the blue shirt talking to a German man about the monument.  It is very powerful to see all the names of the men from Savannah that fought in the war.
There is a cool rive boat that you can take up the river.
Our favorite place is the River Street Market.  These are local artisans who sell their items.  Because it’s a market you can haggle the price.  B got a tee shirt last year and when we went back the lady said she remembered him, so he got another shirt lol.
Shockingly I did not purchase anything on this trip.
Lastly on our trip we spent 2 days on Tybee Island, it’s about 20 minute drive from Savannah.
We learned last year to take cash to the beach.  There are some great chairs and umbrella’s you can rent for a whole day.  We rented ours for $30 between 11 and 4.  The best decision we made!  We relaxed and enjoyed the beach without cooking in the sun. 
Where have you visited in Savannah?