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Signature Cocktail

This past weekend we had a BBQ for a co-worker of B.  I love hosting people in my home, it allows me to be creative.  Of course being an analytical person I tend to go to Pinterest to find idea’s.  I go this recipe here.  Of course I put my own spin to it and change the name, lol.  Sometimes you just need a starting point.  I can tell you all the ladies loved the drink.  Funny enough the men either didn’t drink or stuck to beer because they were driving. (high five for letting the women have fun).

The first time I made this I got distracted and the syrup bubbled over.  Once I got things under control I realized it was done.  So I set it aside to cool.  I didn’t want to waste the Blackberries so I pulled out my old Ice Cube Tray’s and dropped 2-3 berries and filled with water.  This was a fun addition to the drink and something everyone noticed.  My Grandmother said “It’s not what you serve but how you present it.  Take a moment and make things look pretty.”
I am not a Whiskey drinker, so I went to the local ABC Store and asked the staff for help.  I said “I am making a cocktail that requires Whiskey.  I will be blending it with blackberries and lemon.  Do you have a whiskey between $10-15 that blends well?”  I always go with the first recommendation and the man said Benchmark.  The whiskey was very nice and not over powering in the drink.  I only added 3/4 a cup instead of the full cup because I didn’t want it too strong.  I have to admit I didn’t notice the blackberry syrup but it made sure the lemon juice wasn’t too bitter.  All in all a great drink and something I will make again!
I poured the mix into a picture and added tonic water so guests could just pour into a glass.  Since there is Blackberry syrup in the drink I recommend setting the picture on a napkin or something because there will be drips and Blackberries stain.
Do you have a cocktail you love to serve?