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How To Put Together A Wine Tasting

This post is sponsored by Paperless Post, all opinions are my own.
I have been wanting to do a wine tasting for my girlfriends for some time now.  When Paperless Post reached out to me I knew exactly how I would share with you a fun way to utilize their invites.
Here are my tips on how to put together a Wine Tasting!

I love having people to our home for ‘themed’ gatherings.  We have done a Puppy BBQ and I shared a signature Cocktail for another cookout we hosted.  My husband says I am the ‘hostess with the mostes”.  I thought I would share how I put an event together and share some tips.
1. Make a guest list.  This may seem natural but it’s key to have a good group of people.  I put thought into who I am inviting, like if I invite several couples I won’t invite a single person.  I also want to make sure the friends have either met before or are out going enough to easily strike up conversations with strangers.
2. Create a fun Evite.  I love Evites, they are so easy and can be creative using Paperless Post.  They have many styles to choose from.  I went with a Cocktail theme invite, customized it for the Wine Tasting asking friends to bring their favorite bottle, and added emails address’.  One feature I love is the recipients option to reply to the email which goes to a messages folder on the Paperless Post site.
3. Put together a menu.  What foods would you serve with a wine tasting?  I wanted everyone to relax and enjoy their drinks so I put together a menu of ‘real’ food.  I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up some Mac n’ Cheese balls, Shrimp Toast, Gluten Free Tortilla Chips & Salsa, Different Cheeses, and from the grocery a bag of Gardetto’s snack mix.  All easy to eat items that you can either graze on or fill a plate with.  I like to do this right away so I can budget and have time to gather items.
4. Beverages.  Since this is a wine tasting I collected different wine I enjoy.  My favorite place to go is Trader Joe’s, as they have wine tastings in store and the staff are eager to give suggestions.  Several of the bottles are one’s they recommended.  I also made sure to have water available.  Even though I asked guests to bring wine I wanted a good variety on hand as well.
5. Decorate.  This is my favorite part!  I love finding cute items like drink napkins “Wine….A Hug in a Glass”.  I also took the opportunity to use my good china, and create a fun center piece with this metal tray and candles.   I picked up some Hydrangea flowers to finish off the tray.  I use Pinterest and Instagram to give me inspiration.
6. Wine Glass’.  You can do many things here.  Have a glass to decorate, or set out a variety of glass’ as I have done.  This is totally up to your budget.  I actually went to my local Habitat ReStore and purchased a few extra wine glass’.  The prices are amazing and you can get a mix of fun glass’.
 photography by Sharon
As you can see I love wine, lol.  Hand Towl says “They should put more Wine in a bottle so there is enough for two people”.  I picked up this apron “It’s Wine O’Clock” here.


My invitation looks like this.  It pops out of an envelope when you get the email.  Details are listed along with if you will join or not.  I love that I can personalize it so much and make it fun for my guests.  See more options here Paperless Post.
 How do you put together fun events in your home?