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Neutral Staples

Well did you see the Eclipse?
My office went outside during it and watched.  We were lucky with clear sky’s.  I think the coolest thing was the shadows from the tree’s, little moons.  Last week was tough for me and I totally dropped the ball in planning an office Eclipse party.  Hind Sight is always 20/20, I could have ordered glass’ for everyone and put together some fun foods.  Oh well, things happen and we can’t all be perfect.  This is something else I have struggled with lately, perfection.  Between work and life I have really let blogging fall to the bottom of my list.  I have been thinking for months now that I wanted to stop blogging.  Where I enjoy blogging, it is very time consuming.  I don’t want to put out a half ass post just to get one out.  With that being said I am going to cut way back on my blogging and post maybe 1 or 2 times a month.  I hope you sign up for my email notices so you don’t miss my posts.  I also want to thank you for being loyal readers and sticking with me all these years.  It’s been a fun and interesting ride.

These items are my current go to staples.  Blue Jeans and T-Shirts are my go to items and always have been.  These low scoop neck tee’s are so soft and flattering.  This B.P cardigan is very affordable and something that will go with everything I own.  I have it in grey, which stays at my office just in case.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back next month to see a cute Fall outfit.