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Perfect Cardigan

I know my own style.  I always have.  I like classic simple pieces in my closet.  Of course when I started to blog I tried to add more trendy pieces but it just wasn’t me and wasn’t fair to you.  If I don’t really wear it why would I share it with you?  I battled with purchasing this cardigan.  I liked it but I saw it on so many blogs during the #NSale.  To buy or not to buy?  I decided I will go ahead and order it and decide in person if it was for me.  I was shocked how much I love this cardigan.  I have worn it to my very cold office many times since getting it.  Its soft, large, and stylish.  It doesn’t look dumpy or unflattering for a woman with curves.  Let’s face it some of the fashion bloggers out there are stick figures.  Size 2, 5’1″ with unrealistically flat stomachs.  I am a woman not a little girl.  I am 5’9″ and wear a size 8-10.  The baggy trend can make me look like the broad side of a barn.  Stripes are not usually my friend, especially when they hit at my stomach and hip area.  There is something about this cardigan though that is flattering.  Maybe the colors, white with black at the bad area with a large stripe doesn’t make me look wider but smaller some how.  I feel attractive wearing this cardigan.  I have paired it with this black tee but have also worn it with both white and black tanks.  I know it keeps selling out but hang tight I am positive Nordstrom will restock this cardigan and you can get one. 
Photography  by Sharon
Another purchase from the #NSale are these Steve Madden Mules.  I love the velvet and the rose detail.  They dress up my jeans for work and are so comfortable.  I have worn them almost non-stop.  So much so that I purchased this pair in blush.  I was worries about mules.  With my very narrow foot I was sure that I would walk out of them, but that hasn’t been the case.  I can say for sure that Mule’s are my fall go to shoe.  I will wear them until it’s too cool and then switch to my riding boots.  I broke down this year and purchased a pair of Cole Haan riding boots.  I have mentioned before that I am not a TB (Tory Burch) fan.  After a bad experience with a purse I stopped purchasing the brand.  So what other boots were on sale during the #NSale?  Cole Haan Riding Boots were $100 off!  I was over the moon.  I knew Cole Haan would last a long time and wear nicely.  My sister still had a pair of Cole Haan boots for like 20 years!  At my age it’s important to have investment pieces that will last years.

I am very excited!  There is a new Pilates studio opening near my new office.  I am going to sign up and see if I can’t shed these couple of pounds that make me uncomfortable.  I am also taking a yoga class during my lunch hour on Monday’s in an art gallery.  How fun is that!
Did you purchase something recently that you are just in love with?