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Vacation Attire

I am so excited for this weekend.  Sunday is my Birthday!  I am not 100% sure what I want to do on my Birthday, kinda depends on my level of tolerance for my family.  First Sunday is happening in Pittsboro.  I also have a desire to stay home and play board games.  Of course the weather will be the deciding factor.  If the humidity returns and is unbearable we will stay inside.  It was so much easier to celebrate my birthday when I was younger.  As a kid we would go to Chuck E Cheese.  In my 20’s it was to the club.  At 38 I kinda feel meh about the whole thing.

This was one of the outfits I wore while in Savannah.  Ah Savannah, to go back!  I am not a city girl but I do love Savannah.  Anyhow, these shorts are super comfortable and very flattering.  I love the length.  No one wants to see my butt popping out because my shorts are too short.  I have only paired a white tee and tank with these shorts because this kimono goes so well with it.  The colors really blend.
This purse was something I purchased just for our trip.  It’s a cross body wallet purse.  It holds my phone, cards, and cash so nicely.  I was able to throw it across my body and explore Savannah without worrying.  No one wants to carry a big bag while walking around town on vacation.  Plus this bag is under $15!
Stop back Friday.  I am starting a new month series!